Angel Locsin and Vhong Navarro Team-Up in Upcoming Movie

The publicly-loved team-up of Justin and Isabel, the couple made famous by Vhong Navarro and Angel Locsin in the comedy series “TODA Max”, has made it to the big screen via an upcoming comedy film.

“I was told that I will be partnered with Angel again. I was surprised because that’s my dream,” Vhong excitedly shared.

As a love team in the weekly comedy show, “TODA Max”, they have gotten used to being partnered together. In it, Vhong plays the funny cook, Justin Bibbo while Angel plays his loving girlfriend, Isabel Padausdos.

Vhong believes that the movie will be great because he and Angel are comfortable in their comedic scenes in their weekly show.

Meanwhile in “TODA Max”, Justin will be leaving for Italy and this will make everyone, especially Isabel, lonely. As he enters the airport, Justin will receive some shocking news.

Tol (Robin Padilla), on the other hand, will be a little intimidated as Diane’s (Valerie Concepcion) ex-boyfriend returns. Guest star Gerald Anderson will be the pilot, Andrew, Diane’s rich and handsome ex.

What is this news that Justin will receive? What will happen to Tol and Diane now that Andrew’s back? Find out in this exciting episode in “TODA Max” this Saturday (June 23) only here on ABS-CBN.

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