The Guys Choice Awards Air on Velvet

Are you ready for the biggest boys' night out of the year? The hunkiest actors, the quirkiest characters and the most stunning actresses come together for The Guys' Choice Awards, which premieres on your sexy party channel, Velvet (Sky Cable Channel 53) on June 30 (Saturday), 11:00 p.m.

Now on its sixth year, this one-of-a-kind awards show is Spike TV’s annual tribute to the lords of Guydom, women who define modern hotness and the biggest names in music, movies, sports and entertainment. In a nutshell, all the things that get men excited.

Shot in Culver City, The Guys’ Choice Awards is the rowdiest show in town attended by Hollywood’s fun-loving celebrities, including film’s hottest ladies du jour Mila Kunis, Julianne Hough, and Malin Ackerman. Adding a testosterone boost to the show were Magic Mike’s Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum along with That’s My Boy funny men Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg. Director Christopher Nolan and actor Christian Bale also made an appearance in support of The Dark Knight Rises, which was nominated for “The Most Manticipated Movie Award.”

Brad Pitt goes head to head with comedian Louis C.K. for “Guy of the Year,” while Ryan Gosling is up against Liam Neeson for “Biggest Ass Kicker.” On the music front, Justin Timberlake will receive an award from the United States Armed Forces for “Troops Choice” while engaged couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell will take the stage to present the trophy for the “Guys’ Choice Hot and Funny actress” which counts Kristen Wiig and Emma Stone as nominees. The world of sports takes center stage as athletes Aaron Rodgers and Albert Pujois compete for “Top Fantasy Leaguer” while basketball legend Kobe Bryant is up for a special award for his record setting achievements on the court. Other nominees for the 22 categories are LeBron James, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Upton, Eli Manning, Tina Fey, Sofia Vergara, Rooney Mara, to name a few.

The winners are chosen based on voting by fans and viewers. They will receive a trophy – a golden pair of antlers on a wooden pedestal, known as the Mantlers – which symbolizes the best in 2012 entertainment from a manly viewpoint.

Velvet, the home of Hollywood’s best red carpet events, exclusively brings you the 2012 Guys’ Choice Awards on June 30 (Saturday), 11:00 p.m. For more details on the hottest shows and the biggest red carpet specials, tune in to Velvet (SkyCable Channel 53) or log on to and Follow Velvet on Twitter – @VelvetChannel (#GuysChoiceVelvet).

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