BB Gandanghari Debuts on TV5’s ‘Untold Stories’

Years after her much talked about transformation, BB Gandanghari finally has the chance to show her acting prowess.

Now that she’s more open in expressing herself, a much vulnerable and sensitive actress is in the wings of recognition.

In her first performance as a dramatic actress, BB will play the role of Donna in TV5’s Untold Stories. Donna, a woman trapped in a man’s body, is torn between Bebe (Wendell Ramos) and Jesse (Baron Geisler). Will she choose Bebe, her first true love, or Jesse, her life saviour?

Witness BB Gandanghari in her first dramatic performance on Untold Stories this Saturday, June 16, 10:30PM on TV5.

2 Comments on BB Gandanghari Debuts on TV5’s ‘Untold Stories’

  1. oh!…….matapos nyang mag come out sa PBB hindi sya naging LOYAL sa ABS!…

  2. I hope he/she remains happy all throughout his/her lifetime. 

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