‘Broken Vow’ Airs Finale this Friday

GMA Network’s top-rating afternoon drama, Broken Vow, starring Bianca King, Gabby Eigenmann, Luis Alandy, Rochelle Pangilinan -- concludes with an explosive finale episode this Friday, June 15.

Broken Vow has been one of the network’s top-rating teledramas in the Afternoon Prime block since it premiered last February 6. The captivating story and characterization constantly intrigued and thrilled the televiewers and managed to pull off a victory in the ratings game, consistently registering high in the charts.

This Friday, the tension between Felix (Luis) and Roberto (Gabby) escalates and ends with a fatal conclusion. Only one will survive this dramatic confrontation and Melissa is caught in between these two men. Who will Melissa choose to save? Will Melissa be finally reunited with her daughter Eva? Or is happiness too far to reach for Melissa and Felix?

Broken Vow also stars Marco Alcaraz, Juan Rodrigo, Carmi Martin, Matet de Leon, Jace Flores, Pancho Magno, Lou Sison, Melissa Mendez and Ms Celia Rodriguez and is directed by Gil Tejada Jr.

The finale of Broken Vow should not be missed this Friday, June 15 right after Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? on GMA Afternoon Prime.

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  1. alejandro9am // June 15, 2012 at 8:29 am //


  2.  kawawa ka naman…..Flop your face…..Mas FLOP kaya mga Programa sa Kupalmilya kahit sa Balwarte nio!!! hahahaha…Kawawa ka naman, kaw na lang ata naniniwala!!!

  3. yes one the top…TOP FLOP!!! kaya nga BROKEN… VOW..jejeje..good luck..babay broken ka kasi eh..better luck next time..ibenta na kasi kay MVP yan kamuning station nio…or better yet benta nio sa akin..gawin ko na lang motel along kamuning…jejejeje

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