Miss World Philippines 2012 Candidates Revealed

TV5 and Miss World Philippines present the official 25 candidates who will vie for the title of Miss World Philippines 2012.

This year’s Miss World Philippines pageant sees an exciting mix of candidates from every corner of the archipelago, as each of them embody the beauty and brilliance of the Filipina.

The lucky 25 ladies will undergo rigorous challenges in events that will demonstrate their talent, poise, intelligence and civic mindedness. Miss World Philippines takes to heart the celebration of beauty with a purpose, underscoring the advocacy of Miss World in championing the cause of marginalized women and children.

This year’s candidates are Kaye Wigand, Vanessa Claudine Amman, Rosheila Tungol, Mariz Ong, Carla Terina Lizardo, Paula Rich Bartolome, Maria Teresita Alaine Baccay, Maham Ahmed, Rizzini Alexis Gomez, Larah Grace Lacap, Vania Valeri Vispo, Paulina Eliseeff, Maryanne Ross Misa, Mariver Ocampo, Daphne Tanya Molenar, Brenna Cassandra Gamboa, April Love Jordan, Rufaida Babudin, Marie Loraine Dione de Guzman, Kaye Michelle Agnes, Fer Mary Baliquig, Queenrich Rehman, Lara Lee Sarino, Natacha Peugniez and Maria Danna Javier.

Present during the event is CQGQ, Inc. chairperson and Miss World Philippines franchise owner Cory Quirino, as well as Miss World 2011 First Princess Gwendoline Ramos Ruais and her court.

“We are very excited about this year’s staging of Miss World Philippines,” said Ms. Quirino. “With the help of TV5, we were able to travel all over the country in search of ladies who can best represent the Philippines and the Miss World cause. This gives us a better chance in winning the Miss World crown this year, “ she added.

The stage is set for a festive parade of Filipina beauty in the coronation night with the magnificent Manila Hotel as its backdrop. Former Miss World 2nd Princess and actress Ruffa Gutierrez will return to her pageant roots as she hosts the Grand Coronation Night with Game ‘n Go presenter Edu Manzano. The main event will be aired live from Manila Hotel Tent on June 24 8:30 PM on TV5.

25 Official Contestants for Miss World Philippines 2012

  • Kaye Wigand
  • Vanessa Claudine Amman
  • Rosheila Tungol
  • Mariz Ong
  • Carla Terina Lizardo
  • Paula Rich Bartolome
  • Maria Teresita Alaine Baccay
  • Maham Ahmed
  • Rizzini Alexis Gomez
  • Larah Grace Lacap
  • Vania Valeri Vispo
  • Paulina Eliseeff
  • Maryanne Ross Misa
  • Mariver Ocampo
  • Daphne Tanya Molenar
  • Brenna Cassandra Gamboa
  • April Love Jordan
  • Rufaida Babudin
  • Marie Loraine Dione de Guzman
  • Kaye Michelle Agnes
  • Fer Mary Baliquig
  • Queenrich Rehman
  • Lara Lee Sarino
  • Natacha Peugniez
  • Maria Danna Javier

Images courtesy of Miss World Philippines and OPMB

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