Xian Lim is MYX Celebrity VJ for June

MYX Celebrity VJ for the month of June, Xian Lim, never thought that he would finally get the spot after failing twice from joining MYX’s VJ search years back before joining showbusiness.

He admitted in an interview, “I auditioned in 2009 to be a MYX VJ, but I wasn’t chosen. Now, I can’t believe that I was picked to be this month’s Celebrity VJ.”

When asked about his experience in Myx, he said that it’s really a cool and fun experience. “I always wanted to be a host, so there’s no doubt that I enjoyed being a VJ.”

Xian showed exceptional talent in hosting when he hosted the Bb. Pilipinas pageant with Iza Calzado, Venus Raj and Georgina Wilson.

Not only that, the success of Xian’s newly released album, “So It’s You” under Star Records gave him another reason to rejoice. His debut album has been in the number one spot for three consecutive weeks. “I’m so happy that many are supporting my album, I wrote the music and lyrics myself.”

According to Xian, the transition from acting to singing is difficult especially if people have always known you to be an actor, but he feels very grateful that his fans continue to support his singing career.

“The next big thing that I will get into is dancing. That’s the next project,” Xian said laughing.

Catch Xian in “Pop MYX “ (June 3 to 7), “Pinoy MYX” (June 10 to 16), “Mellow MYX” (June 17 to 23) and “My MYX” (June 24 to 30). For more updates, log on to Also, download the MYX Charts iOS from the App Store and install free of charge.

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  1. Academia_bienvenido // June 5, 2012 at 7:17 pm //

    great things are shaping up for you Xian.  keep it up and be grateful to the Lord Almighty for your talents.

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