Jason Farol Sings ‘Whenever You Call’ with Kelly Clarkson on ‘Duets’ (Video)

Pinoy Jason Farol sang “Whenever You Call” with Kelly Clarkson on the second episode of the new reality singing competition "Duets" on ABC.

Here’s what the judges said about Jason’s performance:

Kelly Clarkson (his mentor) said “He doesn’t know how sexy he is.”

Jennifer Nettles said “There were some pitch issues. (Your chest) is kinda tight.”

Robin Thicke said “It was a big difference from last week. As soon as you stepped away from Kelly that’s when you exploded. You have to keep believing.”

John Legend said “It seems so much you are looking to Kelly for approval. You have to open up to the audience a bit more.”

Will Jason make it through the next round? Let’s hope for the best.

He’s a little shy though and he always smile even if the song is mellow. But just like what Robin Thicke said last week (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE), he’s adorable.

Watch the video here:

3 Comments on Jason Farol Sings ‘Whenever You Call’ with Kelly Clarkson on ‘Duets’ (Video)

  1. Kelly and Jason were so good together in this song! Woooooo! Go Team Kelly!

  2. Alelie Bartolome // June 1, 2012 at 9:55 pm //

    omg!!! team kelly and jason <3

  3. Gush. I’m jealous! He just shared the stage with my idol. Kelly rocks

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