Hero TV Gears Up for June’s Alma Mater’s Might

Hero TV, the Philippines’ no. 1 anime channel, will surely excite everyone as it presents its shows for the month of June.

Coined as the Alma Mater’s Might, Hero TV’s June roster will be represented by the colors White (for perfection) and Blue (for wisdom, confidence and intelligence). Hero TV will take charge in honing the students’ abilities and reach their potential by introducing shows fit for future achievers.

Two new shows will premiere this month. Girls of all ages will be in high spirits as Sailor Moon R, the second season of the Sailor Moon anime series, premieres on June 5, 2012 while boys will be glad to hear that Slayers Revolution, the fourth installment of the Slayers series, will land in the Philippines on June 19, 2012.

Sailor Moon R introduces Sailor Moon’s daughter from the distant future. The girls’ powers are just unstoppable this school year. New characters, new challenges and a possible new found love will be rejoiced in this new season of the classic and beloved anime, Sailor Moon.

After the success of the highly-acclaimed Slayers, Slayers NEXT and Slayers TRY, the fourth installment, Slayers Revolution will arrive on Philippine television through Hero TV. The series will follow the original cast of Slayers which is reunited together for the first time in over a decade. This totally new season will really be full of magical mayhem that can only happen when Luna Inverse and her crew pulls into town.

In addition to the great selection of anime are those returning titles such as “Detective Loki”, Initial D: 2nd and 4th stage”, “Giant Killing”, “Lovely Idol”, “One Outs”, “Devil May Cry”, “Di-Gata Defenders”, “Familiar of Zero”, “Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight”, “Gargoyle of the Yoshinaga Family” and many more. Hero TV’s Hero Theatrixx will feature great Ultraman movies, from “Ultraman Meblus”, “Ultraman Brothers”, to “Ultraman the Next”, which all will surely be a hit for the viewers of all ages.

Hero TV is one with ABS-CBN’s campaign – Bida Best Kid – that aims to empower children by encouraging them to become who they want to be and the best that they can be. Values-oriented and child-friendly programs are also being shown in Hero TV as the channel is an advocate of children’s dreams and aspirations. For more information, logon to, and don’t miss the adventures in Hero TV, Bida Best Kids!

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