Kathryn and Khalil Thank Their Cebuano Fans for the Success of ‘Princess and I’

Cebuano fans of ABS-CBN’s ‘royal teleserye’ warmly welcomed Kapamilya primetime princess Kathryn Bernardo and singing heartthrob Khalil Ramos in the recently held "Princess and I" Royal Caravan in Mactan, Cebu. Kathryn and Khalil personally thanked their loyal TV viewers for making their 'royal teleserye' one of the country's most-watched shows.

With the TV ratings success of “Princess and I” and the rise of supporters of ‘Kath-Lil’ (Kathryn-Khalil) love team, the “Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3” runner-up admitted that everything that has happened with his showbiz career so far still overwhelms him.

“At first, I was a bit hesitant to accept the role of Kiko since I didn’t have any experience in acting plus the fact that the cast was made up of very good actors,” Khalil shared. “But then I realized that being a part of this huge project is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so eventually I decided to step up and take the challenge.”

When asked about the ‘secret to success’ of their drama series, Khalil said that the uniqueness of their plot is a key factor. “It’s like a first in the Philippines, a Koreanovela-inspired series with a perfect mix of romance, drama, and mystery,” said Khalil..

Aside from the exciting adventures and family-oriented values taught in the story, “Princess and I”s avid viewers nightly indulge in the cute love story of Kathryn Bernardo’s character Mikay and her three ‘princes’ namely Gino (Daniel Padilla), Jao (Enrique Gil), and Kiko (Khalil). As the young teen lead stars create a fanbase, avid viewers have placed their bets on who they think Kathryn should end up with and created teams such as Team Gino, Team Jao, and Team Kiko.

Like the avid supporters of Team Kiko, Khalil revealed that he too believes that his character is the ‘one’ for Mikay. “I think Mikay should choose Kiko because no one knows Mikay like Kiko. Kiko is that the one person she can always count on and a best friend’s love is much different than a boyfriend’s. Boyfriends come and go but best friends never leave,” he said.

Khalil further shared that his relationship with Kathryn on- and off-screen is very much the same. “We’re best friends in real life. She is one of the kindest persons I’ve ever met.”

Like most men, Khalil’s ideal girl is someone kind, sweet and God-fearing. “I can say that I can fall in love with a girl like Kathryn, but it’s currently hard to say anything since I’m still getting to know her. For now, we are best friends, and I would like to know her more,” he explained.

Meanwhile, now that Kiko, Gino and Jao are studying in the same university, how will they all try prove their love to Mikay? Will this create friendship or a tough competition to win the heart of Yangdon’s missing princess?

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