3 Comments on Jollibee is Among the World’s Top Food Chains

  1. but thing comes to worse kapag ang manager or managing team ay lahing tatsulok or lahing pyramid ….peace……anyway, here in Jeddah, there are 3 Jollibee branches.

  2. fatburger // May 27, 2012 at 10:13 pm //

    galing naman ng jollibee….pero alam nio na na ang sarap sarap ng patties ng FATBURGER dito sa saudi arabia..branch lang ito ng american owned food chain dito sa saudi. ang price kapaf single patty is almost Php 300.00 including fried and a regular drink, while double could be as much as Php 400.00 and more than Php 600.00 for triple patty. Take note…halos 95% ng mga fast food chains dito sa saudi is being operated by filipino crews…kasi trained sa jollibee….weh!

  3. Congrats Jobee! 🙂

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