‘Dinosaur King’ Joins ABS-CBN’s Team Animazing

Three kids are in for an adventure of their lives together with pre-historic dinosaurs brought to life beginning this Monday (May 28) as ABS-CBN premieres “Dinosaur King” on its Team Animazing morning block.

Max, Rex, and Zoe are ordinary kids who just want to have fun and play around until one day, they found three fossil-shaped cards in the forest that transformed into dinosaurs right their very eyes.

Little did they know that these dinosaurs need their help as they were trapped, along with others of their kind, inside cards by a mysterious time travelling group called the Alpha Gang who aims to collect all cards for them to be proclaimed the ultimate ‘dinosaur king.’

From being regular kids, the three found themselves engaging on a quest to collect all dinosaur cards, with the help of their respective dinosaur friends, and stop the Alpha Gang in their evil plans.

Will they be able to succeed in their mission? Who will be named as the “Dinosaur King.”

“Dinosaur King” is part of ABS-CBN’s “Bida Best Kid” campaign which aims to empower children to reach for their dreams as the shows inspire them to be whatever they want to be and be the best that they can be. Just like Max, Rex, and Zoe, Filipino kids love to discover new things and long to embark on adventures.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Dinosaur King,” this Monday (May 28), 8:15 AM on ABS-CBN’s Team Animazing.

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  1. Oscar’s oasis po s teAm animazing plzzzzzzz

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