Phillip Phillips Concedes to Jessica Sanchez

Phillip Phillips, during the press conference following the Top 2 performance night of American Idol, said he can't out-sing Jessica Sanchez.

Phillip Phillips, in a way, conceded to his rival Jessica Sanchez by saying that he can’t out-sing the 16-year-old Filipino-Mexican.

“I definitely can’t out-sing Jessica,” he said, admitting that she’s the better singer.

“Her voice is probably her best quality,” he added.

The judges, however, gave Phillip Phillips the best compliment of the night. Their standing ovation on Phillip’s last performance said clearly who they want to win this season.

Is Phillip just making Jessica feel better because he was given the better song and that he’s 90% sure that he will be declared the winner based from what the judges said?

Phillip has a strong fan base of teenage girls voting for him week after week. Not to mention the pattern since season 7 that the “White Guy With Guitar” always end up as winner of the reality singing competition.

The odds seem to favor another guy this year.

What do you think?

11 Comments on Phillip Phillips Concedes to Jessica Sanchez

  1. she didn’t picked the songs please check your facts.  watch the interviews post finale

  2. I think both of them are great artist and they deserve to be in the finals. But I feel so disappointed that it’s just a one step closer for Jessica to be the winner, so far all her performance for the entire season are a blast compared to Phillip and what makes this contest so unfair is that they choose a wrong song for Jessica for the finale even though she sang it well, it’s not her fault if ever the judges don’t like the song, what matter most is how she nailed it and make out the best of it.

  3. popularity?…then y putting up a show such as AMERIAN IDOL and tag it as a singing competition if its always been popularity contest?!….eh di sana ginawa nalang nilang ARTISTA search ang AI qng popularity contest yan at di nalang SINGING competition!…ang AI singing competition ang binabasehan dito BOSES!… americans just cant stand the powerful voice of jessica kasi naman americans can never do that!…even jeniffer lopez! (excuse me sa spelling)…..datz y sinabi q b4 na maraming disadvantage ang voting!….kung sino yung magaling sya yung di nananalo becoz of a weak fan base at kung sino yung di gaano kagaling at nagpapacute lang ay nananalo becoz of a strong fan base!…dapat it shud be the JUDGES scores ang basehan in the finals after all ano ba trabaho ng mga judges?!…..

  4. Hello123 // May 24, 2012 at 12:37 pm //

    I don’t think there was anything racist about the results of the show. The fan base of Phillips is just THAT strong. and American Idol is not solely a singing competition, otherwise the judges would have the final say as for the results. Personally, i think Jessica’s songs have been anything but weak in her Top 2 performance. whether those were by fate or by personal choice, her three songs were no match for Phillips’ Home. Phillips is no match to Jessica VOCALLY speaking. She’s a powerhouse. She’s the better singer. But, it all comes down to popularity. And Phillips had a firm grasp on the votes, really. 

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  6. whether we like it or not, americans will vote for phillips like filipinos and mexicans vote for jessica.. the fnal song seemed to be the turning point for the two finalist..they should have sang the same last song for this finale to see who’s the better performer – voice quality, creativity and originality-wise..

  7. mukhang bumoto din ang china for philips to intimidate the filipino pride.hahaha

  8.  unfortunately, yes. racista pa rin ang mga kano.

  9. It will be Phillip whether we like it or not. The show’s rigged in favor for the person that will sell. After all, it’s a big business for the producer of the show to market like the likes of Phillip. You can get a hint about it how the judges comments the competitors just to attract more votes. Well, they did succeed in it since the aborted voting-off of Jessica, the votes kept piling up. About Jessica, even if she does not win today, long term speaking, she will make waves in the music industry as she maturely grows. 

  10. JESSICA of course NO DOUBT!! the judges are bias but thanks for saving Jessica once, she proved a lot already.. 

  11. I really hope na c jessica na, break na chain ba! lalake nlang kc nananalo after jordin..prang this is the right time to have a new female big winnerrrrrr :)))

    Goodluck! bebechez 🙂

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