Jessica Sanchez Receives Recognition from PHL Government on Her Runner-Up Finish in American Idol

Jessica Sanchez received a congratulatory message from the Philippine Government on her runner-up finish in the most popular reality singing competition "American Idol."

Here is the official statement as released on the Philippine Government’s official website

The Deputy Presidential Spokesperson on the runner-up victory of Jessica Sanchez in American Idol, May 24, 2012

As she competed in American Idol, Jessica Sanchez obtained the loyal and enthusiastic support of Filipinos the world over. Throughout her long, arduous journey, people considered Ms. Sanchez a performer imbued with an extraordinary gift of music and heart. This is only the beginning for Ms. Sanchez whose incredible talent has been recognized and appreciated the world over.

Is it just me or the photo above looks very similar to our Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo? Jessica, by the way once said that she admires Sarah G. In return, Sarah G said she would want to sing a duet with Jessica someday.

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