Jessica Sanchez – ‘Change Nothing’ – American Idol 11 Top 2 (Video)

Jessica Sanchez sang "Change Nothing" as her winner's single on the American Idol 11 Top 2.

Judges Thoughts:

Randy Jackson said “I did not love the song but you made something more of the song. You got urban in you. You brought the song to life but the song was just OK.”

Steven Tyler said “I know how good you can sing. I just don’t think that was the proper song for you to sing.”

Jennifer Lopez said “I thought you sang the song really well. You have so much soul. When you go to make your record, you have to be able to say this is not me or this is me and put a twist on it. Everything has to be you.”

Watch the video here:

The judges threw Jessica under the bus. SAVE JESSICA!

Jessica’s numbers are:


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11 Comments on Jessica Sanchez – ‘Change Nothing’ – American Idol 11 Top 2 (Video)

  1. and to note that HOME by Philip has been sung in the public already. Go to Youtube and type Greg Holden sings Home then you will doubt where is the supposed “original composition” theme for the 3rd song?

  2. Guys I thought this round was for original composition or any song that has not been performed or sung in public by any singer but what a heck is this? – It’s just been found out that the song HOME is posted on Youtube and sung a singer named Greg Holden. Type that name on youtube and you will see.

  3. Randy is blaming the song, how weird is that?

  4. Geraldine_belisario // May 23, 2012 at 2:56 pm //

    I like and love the song, change nothing,

  5. I, did, too! Good luck to Jessica and all her Pinoy and non-Pinoy fans and supporters!.May GOD bless her with the AI victory, to GOD be the glory!

  6. I think YES.  She did a wonderful thing about the song “Change Nothing”.

  7. So the show gave Jessica a song to sing in the finale   THAT IS NOT CUT OUT FOR HER.   Isn’t that unfair?   Judges are so f*cked up.    It’s just one question:  IS SHE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE OF SINGING THE SONG?

  8. Emisles // May 23, 2012 at 1:20 pm //

    paano magvote sa magic jack? pls let me know

  9. im not sure if Facebook votes still count but im still voting already finish off my 50 votes allocation

  10. Chris80 // May 23, 2012 at 11:57 am //

    casted 46 votes so far via magic jack

  11. love it… galing ni Jessica.  pwede bang vote sya sa online????

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