Lady Gaga Wears Filipiniana-Inspired Outfits in Her ‘Born This Way Ball’ Manila Concert

Lady Gaga worn various Filipiniana-inspired outfits during the first night of her "Born this Way Ball" Manila concert at the newly-opened SM MOA Arena in Pasay City Monday night.

Despite the presence of conservative Catholics at the bottom of EDSA near the SM MOA Arena who are protesting against Lady Gaga‘s concert, the music event was well-attended by the pop star’s legion of Filipino fans. Some of them who can’t afford to buy a ticket gathered outside the landmark hoping to catch a peek on their idol.

Contrary to her usual outrageous costumes, Lady Gaga worn various Filipiniana-inspired outfits. She opened the show riding a black stallion.

Before performing her controversial song “Judas,” Gaga uttered a message about togetherness:

“I am not a creature of your government Manila. Tonight is all about togetherness! In our differences we are all the same. People need to be free to be who they are.”

This is the song that gathered the most criticism among Roman Catholic leaders around the world. In the Philippines, Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said “her fans are in danger of falling into the clutches of Satan.”

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  1. Staceylyn // May 25, 2012 at 4:10 am //

    I’m a catholic filipina and Hater of Lady gaga but idt that we should ban lady gaga in Phil. because kaya nga tinawag na Demokrasya ang pilipinas freedom to speak what we want to…kung ayaw nyo si lady gaga edi wag nyong panuodin….Lahat namn tayo Blasphemic eh….so why are we trying to hide our sins we should learn from it…Kung wala kayong kasalanan….kayo ang unang magdemanda kay lady gaga….I’m lady gaga’s  team for now….Because I’m liberated…..

  2. Anecito Ibay // May 23, 2012 at 3:58 am //

    Pumapanig ka, kasi isa ka rin na tanga at makikitid ang utak…broaden your knowledge & understanding… lagi ng may mga taong katulad mo na ang pang-unawa ay kay liit-liit…Tignan mo ang paligid or mga lugar na malapit sa iyo…are they having a good time in life or are they suffering of starvation or hardship in life ? Kahit Catholic ba ako e lahat ba ng turo/pananampalataya e…Oo ba ako ng Oo ? kung hindi tama sa akin …Hindi ako papanig…I have my own opinion & beliefs…at ganoon din ang mga karamihan…kung iyan ang gusto nila…so be it…it’s not my place to contradict them or attack them…WALA AKONG PAKIALAM…you got me.

  3. OMG … Lady G’s concert is uberlly fabulous !!! 
    To those self-righteous people out there … use you brains … masyado ng nabubulok.  I’m a Catholic and I don’t see any foul in her beautiful concert … it doesn’t corrupt me at all, my faith and values are intact.  The songs she sang in my humble opinion doesn’t insulted me as a person and as a Catholic.  You may say that I’m blind because I’m Lady G fan.  Maybe or maybe not … NOT AT ALL … my eyes and my heart are wide open to see what is real and truth. 

    Let us celebrate the fullness of life !!!

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