Valerie Concepcion is Guest Starring on ‘TODA Max’

Marriage and Family tackled in "TODA Max" this Saturday with Valerie Concepcion and Dominic Ochoa as guest stars.

Actress Valerie Concepcion recently admitted that her basketball player boyfriend Dondon Hontiveros asked for her hand in marriage but Valerie said that she is not ready yet.

She said in an interview that they will just wait and see if their relationship is going that way.

“Before we got back together, he kept insisting about marriage…but I’m not yet ready,” the actress said.

Meanwhile, contrary to Valerie’s statement about marriage, Tol (Robin Padilla) is thinking about starting a new love life with a partner in this week’s episode of “TODA Max” where Valerie and Dominic Ochoa are guests.

In the episode, Tol will talk to his late wife to ask if he can love again as his children Sandy (Aaliyah) and Ron Ron (Izzy) are in need of a mother’s guidance.

Could it be that the answer of his wife is yes after Tol had seen a woman that looks exactly like his late wife? Who is this mysterious woman?

Find out in “TODA Max”, after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on ABS-CBN. For more updates, visit the Facebook page of TODA Max:

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