Richard Gutierrez Embarks in Wild and Exciting ‘Pinoy Adventures’

Actor and Survivor Philippines host Richard Gutierrez topbills GMA-7's newest travel adventure show "Pinoy Adventures."

7,100 islands and over 80 million Filipinos—we thought we have it all figured out. Think again! Despite the influence of the western world and the availability of modern technology, the Philippines still has a lot of places, people and culture to be explored and discovered.

Pinoy Adventures is a 30-minute program that will scour the country to find unknown paradise, forgotten relics, taboo ways of life, cultural treasures and lost traditions. Each episode promises a lot of thrilling experiences and profound journeys.

Actor and Survivor Philippines host Richard Gutierrez goes down and dirty as he climbs steep mountains, braves the deep seas, explores hidden caves and unearths buried stories.

In every episode, Richard meets local residents, historians, archaeologists and storytellers and they will serve as his guide in the place. With their help, Richard goes home with a better appreciation of his heritage.

“Pinoy Adventures” premieres on May 13, 8:30 p.m., on GMA-7 Sunday Grande time slot.

Watch the teaser here:

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