Anne, Solenn and Kelly Show Why More is Better

Greenwich tapped three of today’s most beautiful and talented celebrities, who all agree that More is Better, just like the new Greenwich Spaghetti Supreme.

Their stories tell that something better definitely awaits those who give more.

No other Anne

It is without a doubt that Anne Curtis is now ranked as an A-list actress. And it does not stop there. Other than being an actress, Anne is also a bankable endorser, a witty TV host and an ultimate entertainer. This record of credentials makes her one of the best, if not the best, in her generation. Starting off with teeny-bopper roles, Anne has taken a bold step in her career with the guidance of her VIVA family who she has been with all these years. Her dedication to her craft, love for improvement and not to mention Anne’s unique charm became her aid to stardom. She didn’t settle for anything less and all her hard work paid off when she won her first Best Actress award at the Metro Manila Film Festival for her wonderful performance in “Baler” and then followed by a Best Supporting Actress award at the Film Academy of the Philippines Luna Awards for the movie “In Your Eyes.”

Recently, adding to her many accomplishments, Anne surpassed all expectations with the remarkable success of her concert “ANNEbisyosa”. Her captivating personality was able to fill up the entire Araneta Coliseum and Waterfront Cebu. Anne’s supporters were full force as they witnessed her live her life-long dream of having her very own concert. This milestone showed her fans that Anne really gives more of herself to becoming the supreme entertainer that she is.

Solenn takes it all

Solenn Heussaff caught public attention with her undeniable X-factor. She was enjoying a successful modelling career when show business came knocking at her door. After Survivor, slowly but surely, Solenn became a full-fledged showbiz darling and her followers were never disappointed.

Immediately upon entering showbiz, film producers were on her heels to get her to star in their movies. She made her screen debut via the remake of “Temptation Island” which became a blockbuster hit. As a validation to her breakthrough performance, Solenn was named Best New Movie Actress in the recent Star Awards for Movies given by the Philippine Movie Press Club.

Solenn is not just an actress; she is also a painter, a make-up artist, a designer and a singer. The talents one can only dream of having, Solenn already possesses. Her list of talents shows that Solenn is really an artist by heart.

This Kelly can

Kelly Misa made her mark as one of the country’s top most recognizable faces. She has posed for a number of magazine covers, graced hundreds of fashion spreads, walked on various catwalks, and appeared on several television commercials of top brands both here and abroad. More than being a certified super model, Kelly is also a health and beauty columnist in a popular broadsheet where she gives valuable tips on how to keep fit and enhance one’s looks.

While enjoying a successful and fashionable career, Kelly went ahead and did more than what was expected from a top commercial model when she ventured into TV hosting. Her natural skill in facing the camera came in handy and she immediately gained a steady following. Kelly’s stint in “Wowowee” made her a household name.

More is definitely better

Just like Anne, Solenn and Kelly, Greenwich gives more to its loyal kabarkadas with the new and improved Greenwich Spaghetti Supreme. Satisfying the customers is always Greenwich’s top of mind. This is the reason why the Greenwich Spaghetti Supreme is made better than ever with the added 25% serving of noodles, more premium beef, more sweet tomato sauce and served with 1pc. Garlic Stix still only P49. More of the yummy goodness for a more filling feast.

Visit the nearest Greenwich store and find out what Greenwich Spaghetti Supreme, Anne, Kelly and Solenn mean when they say More is Better.


Text and Photos by Alkin Flores

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