Barbie Forteza & Joshua Dionisio Team Up in Spooky Nights this Saturday

Tween stars Joshua Dionisio and Barbie Forteza, whose loveteam is fondly called by their fans as “JoshBie”, will star in this Saturday’s episode of GMA-7’s Spooky Nights.

Joining the two in the said episode titled “Spooky Nights presents Kalansay”are Joyce Ching, Renz Valerio, Jace Flores, Jan Marini, Tiya Pusit and Onyok Velasco.

In the said episode, Joshua Dionisio plays the role of Anton, a playful teen who – together with his friend Sherwin (Renz Valerio) — always pulls pranks on the latter’s elder sister Cheska (Barbie Forteza).

But when new mysterious neighbors come into the picture, the two find their match. They would soon realize that their new neighbors are not ordinary pranksters; they transform into skeletons in the middle of the night. But due to Anton and Sherwin’s friskiness, no one would believe them. How are they going to drive these “prank-ensteins” out of their neighborhood for good?

Catch the exciting story of Spooky Nights presents Kalansay this Saturday (April 14), after Manny Many Prizes, on GMA-7.

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