Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Big Winner Garners Unanimous Votes

It’s not a close fight for the title of Pinoy Big Brother this season as the Big Winner leads the poll with votes almost double than the 2nd Big Placer’s.

However, it’s not yet revealed who among Slater Young, Pamu Pamorada, Paco Evangelista & Joseph Biggel has that number of votes.

Since Cebu is solid when casting votes, I have a hunch that Slater Young will be declared Big Winner any moment now.

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited’s Big Winner will get an appliance showcase including an internet TV, Asian tour package, water franchise, special appearance in a Kapamilya show overseas and P2 million cash.

The second big placer will receive P1 million.

The third big placer will take home P500,000.

The fourth big placer will get P300,000.

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