Gwen Zamora Bags Title Role in International Film ‘The Witness’

Gwen Zamora embarks on her first title role in the big screen via the Indonesian-produced thriller titled "The Witness."

Skylar Pictures, an Indonesian film outfit known for such movies like “Horror in Facebook” and “A Note to God,” partnered with GMA Films for the upcoming suspense-thriller “The Witness.”

It was said that GMA Artist Center presented a couple of artists to Skylar Pictures on who will play the title role for the project and the Indonesian film outfit chose Gwen Zamora.

“The Witness” revolves around the story of a Filipina expat named Angel Flordeliza Isagani, played by Zamora, who works as general manager of a hotel in Jakarta. She is haunted by a weird dream about someone committing suicide.

One day, she finds herself and her whole household in a dreadful massacre that killed her parents, her only sister, her maid and security guard. Although she was shot, she somehow managed to survive the incident.

After she has recovered, the ghost of her past starts to haunt her with a nightmare that keeps coming over and over. She then decides to uncover all the mysteries by herself and find out the reason to what she has been going through.

Supporting Gwen Zamora‘s character in the movie are Indonesian actors Pierre Gruno, Agung Saga, Kimberly Ryder, Marcellino Lefrandt and Feby Febiola.

“The Witness” is scheduled to open in Philippine theaters on March 21, 2012, and in Indonesian theaters on April 26. The film is also being planned to screen in other countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Watch the official trailer here:

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