Taylor Kitsch in ‘John Carter’: 10 Minute Clip Hits the Web (Video)

Taylor Kitsch put everything he had into the role of Walt Disney's "John Carter." Check out the 10-minute clip from the movie!

Taylor Kitsch plays a civil war veteran who gets transported to the planet Mars and meets a beautiful, strong-willed princess so that he can help her fight a civil war of her own.

“When I first read the script, I was drawn to the character-driven story and the fact that it will benefit from being a big studio movie,” he says. “It gave the filmmakers a chance to make the film in an amazing way. You get to know John Carter’s background with his family, the Civil War and everything. It’s heavy to play but it gives me such a base to draw from through the whole movie. For example, in one scene, you’ll see Carter playing with his rings and you’ll know what that truly means to him. It’s great as an actor because it’s something to really dive into.

“The grandeur, and what Stanton’s done, and how it works and how it’s all intertwined is quite epic and I felt that as an actor,” he continues. “My character is definitely on an epic adventure. We go from the 1800s on the streets of New York to the Arizona Territory in the West to the plains of Mars—all in one movie. As an actor I experienced my character John Carter in many different settings that had specific emotions and needs that I had to evoke.”

Opening in the US and across the Philippines on March 9, 2012, “John Carter” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.

Watch th 10-minute clip here:

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