Jessica Sanchez Makes It to American Idol Season 11 Top 13!

Yesterday, Fil-Am Jessica Sanchez got a standing ovation from the three judges: Randy, Steven and Jennifer for her rendition of Jennifer Hudson's "Love You I Do."

Today, Jessica Sanchez made it to the Top 13 of American Idol season 11!

Last Wednesday, two contestants among the guys received standing ovation from all three judges. Yesterday, I think it’s only Jessica among the girls who got the prestigious nod (I’m not so sure, though).

And the standing ovation translated to America’s votes.

Jessica might win this thing!

Here is Jessica Sanchez’ performance yesterday (take note that her throat was swollen at this moment):

Randy Jackson said “That girl can really sing. One of the best of the last 2 nights.”

Jennifer Lopez said “The whole things is beyond your years.”

Steven Tyler said “You’ve got exceptional timing. Your voice is perfect. They need to pay you the next time you sing the National Anthem for the Chargers.”

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