Christopher Lao on Passing the Bar: ‘I Want to Prevent Cyber Bullying’

Christopher Lao has been informed that he passed the bar!

Christopher Lao became a household name last year for the wrong reasons: he let his car float on flood waters and got featured on a primetime newscast saying the infamous line “I wasn’t informed of the flood.”

The incident made his name Christopher Lao and the term “floating car” trending topics on Twitter.

Yesterday, February 29, Christopher Lao was delighted to be informed that he is among the 5,990 who passed the bar exams.

In an interview by Yahoo! Philippines, Lao said that the incident almost made him decide to quit his plans of becoming a lawyer. This is because he was ridiculed in various blogs and social networking sites for that 24 Oras interview (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE) making the phrase “I wasn’t informed” a viral punch line.

“I went through a lot during those times. I almost quit review and planned to forego the bar because I got so depressed,” he said.

And because of that experience, Christopher Lao wants to pursue an advocacy preventing cyber bullying now that he’s a certified lawyer.

“I want to have cybercrime laws, and prevent cyber bullying. As a lawyer, this time I would like to see good bills are legislated,” he said.

In fairness to Lao, his “embarrassing” experience wasn’t that bad at all because he bagged an endorsement deal from BPI because of it (READ RELATED ARTICLE HERE).

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