Latest Issue of ‘Cars’ Magazine by Disney/Pixar Offers More Cool Stuff

The fun and adventure continue in the second issue of “Cars” by Disney/Pixar released by ABS-CBN Publishing Inc.

In this issue, a new “Cars” character from sun-kissed California, USA, Jeff Corvette, is introduced. A certified winner like “Cars” hero Lightning McQueen, the young and energetic Corvette is an oval track and Grand Touring (GT) road racing champ.

Speaking of GT, the issue also provides a sneak peek to the world of racing, with a two-page feature on the fastest GT automobiles in the world.

Besides the usual fun activities such as games, puzzles, and crafts, the issue also comes with a pull-out set of stickers featuring “Cars” racing characters.

Cars is a bi-monthly magazine of ABS-CBN Publishing Inc. It is available at P120 in major bookstores and newsstands nationwide.

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