Lea Salonga – ‘Kanta Pilipinas’ Music Video

Lea Salonga sings TV5's "Kanta Pilipinas" theme song. Check out the music video!


Kanta Pilipinas is TV5’s biggest musical reality search that will scour the country to search the next star that will make the nation sing!

In a wider-than-ever nationwide audition, TV5 will conduct on-ground auditions on seven key cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The show will chronicle the different stories of many Filipinos aspiring to have their talent be heard. Following their journey, their struggles and their triumphs, we will get to witness their transformation from being regular folks with raw talent to becoming a star.

In Kanta Pilipinas, the contestants will be given a unique opportunity to work with the country’s top music producers to hone their talent, collaborate, produce original compositions and develop their skills and personality – to make the nation sing!

Kanta Pilipinas is scheduled to premiere on July 2012.
Filled with inspiring stories, raw reality, gripping conflicts, intense competition and uplifting music all around – Kanta Pilipinas aspires to set a new standard on entertainment TV and at the same time find new breeds of Filipino artists that will make the nation sing!

Watch the music video here:

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