‘Somewhere Over the Bahaghari’ in Wansapanataym this Saturday

"Wansapanataym" Teaches kids to be selfless this Saturday.

Learn the value of friendship and making sacrifices in the ‘Somewhere Over the Bahaghari’ episode of “Wansapanataym” this Saturday (February 25).

The story will revolve around three friends who found three magical wishing stones at the end of a rainbow. The friendship will be put to test after they accidentally wasted one wish. Will anyone step up and sacrifice the chance to get his wish granted and give way to the friend who needs it the most?

The episode will star Ella Cruz, Kristel Fulgar, Jacob Dionisio, Francis ‘Iking’ Magundayao, and Andrea del Rosario. It is written by Cris Lim and directed by Jon ‘Spongky’ Villarin.

Discover the fulfillment of sacrificing in another lesson-filled episode of “Wansapanataym” this Saturday night on ABS-CBN after “Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal.” For more updates, log on to or follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter.

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