Mark Bautista Breaks Silence Over KC and Piolo Split

Mark Bautista finally said his piece about the controversial KC and Piolo split where he has been rumored as the third party.

In an ambush interview by TV5’s “Juicy!” Mark Bautista admitted that the KC and Piolo split has affected him.

Here are the excerpts of the said interview…

On being dragged as the third party in the controversial KC and Piolo split:

“Alam mo 2012 na, sobrang isang malaking pagsubok ‘yun sa ‘kin last year pero ok na ko, ok na ko.”

Was he affected by the issue?:

“Of course tao din lang naman ako, tao din lang naman ako. So tahimik na ang lahat, so pangit kung magsasalita pa ako.”

Has the issue resulted a gap between him and Piolo?:

“Ok naman kami, ok naman kami…uhhm..ok naman.”

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