Assistant Reveals Angel Locsin is Sleeping with Phil Younghusband?

An article from "Bulgar" has a funny title: "Hala, Walang Lusot, Phil Katabi sa Pagtulog ni Angel, Ibinuking ng Alalay."

Tabloids are fun to read because of the super-hyped titles of its articles.

One good example is the title of the recent article by Len Ramos from Bulgar insinuating that Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband are “sleeping together” as revealed by the actress’ assistant.

But of course, the title doesn’t give it all away. You need to read the whole article to find out what the writer meant when she said “sleeping together” in the full context.

Another article, this one from the Philippine Star, is contradicting the “sleeping together” thingy.

In an interview by the popular broadsheet, Angel Locsin said she doesn’t believe in casual sex.

“I’m not like that. I cannot accept that. It’s not me,” she said in response to the question about how she relates to her character in her latest movie “Unofficially Yours,” where she portrays the character of a lifestyle writer for a newspaper (Carrie Bradshaw ang peg?) who engages in casual relationships.

Angel added that playing a liberated woman is something new for her. And in contrast with her character in the movie, she pointed out that she doesn’t like the idea of casual sex.

“I believe it’s best if a relationship begins with love rather than lust or any other intention,” she said.

Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband started dating when the Azkals’ star player, via Twitter, asked the actress to go out on a date with him on Valentine’s Day last year. Angel declined because of her busy schedule but granted the date a few days after.

They are now “UnOfficially” boyfriend/girlfriend for a year this month. (confusing ba?)

Photo Credit: Jojit Lorenzo

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  1. anonymoshhhhh // February 19, 2014 at 6:17 am //

    Di ka ata marunong tumingin ng losyang sa hinde..bwaaaaahhhh..kya ka seguro ganyan magsalita phobya … marian ang mukang losyang mukang matanda na katawan halos wla ng laman buto buto nlang..yan ang laspag buang angel masasabj ko pang virgin dahil sa pustura ng katwan nya at kahit di na sya virgin sa paningin mo pero sa katwan nya hinde mo mapgkakaila na virgin.. pa sya …inggit ka seguro kay angel ahaha kasi sexy sya..kaya ka ganyan phobya

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