Sarah G Live – Teaser

Sarah Geronimo topbills upcoming musical show on ABS-CBN titled "Sarah G Live."

Sarah Geronimo‘s new weekly show on ABS-CBN is set to premiere on February 26, 2012. Her co-host in the said program is Luis Manzano.

There are reports saying that it will be shown in an earlier Sunday evening timeslot contrary to previous reports that it will take the 9:30pm timeslot of “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

More information about the show to be announced.

For the meantime, watch the teaser here:

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    as well as blessed to be Hammond’s mayor. during my political career, I have learned many aspects of being, What I think, a good quality mayor. One of the most popular lessons I have learned: maintaining Hammond’s crime problem is my No. 1 burden.

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    Being next door neighbors with Chicago almost certainly the top reasons why many Hammond residents chose to make Hammond their home. Being within such close proximity to Chicago certainly has its positive, especially with the tax climate offered in Indiana. Hammond residents can enjoy the lower expenses associated with living in Indiana and still live close enough to experience all the activities and experiences offered by one of the most amazing cities in the world.

    But living within such close proximity to Chicago has its down sides as well. with 2016, Chicago sensed its most violent year. i find myself “brought in” Crime flowing over our border is one of the biggest challenges Hammond faces as a city.

    now, Even with Chicago benefiting from a 50 percent spike in homicides and violent crime statistics reported to the FBI, Hammond’s violent crime stats were basically unchanged from 2015 to 2016. Hammond informed us eight homicides to the FBI for 2016. Two of these were of self-defense.

    That compatible about one homicide for every 10,000 Hammond owners. Chicago’s homicide rate is triple that of Hammond’s.

    Because of engineering advances, And the problems we face as Chicago’s direct neighbor, We have decided to purchase a new method of crime control in Hammond in 2017.

    the deal, In which we plan to waste close to $500,000, Will create an electronic border of [url=]ukraine girlfriend[/url] license plate reading cameras around Hammond’s borders, Making it out of the to come into or depart Hammond without your license plate number being scanned, Then logged into a website.

    We will receive two police vehicles, loaded these LPR cameras, As part of this energy production.

    The LPR cameras in the police vehicles are meant so that if a patrol vehicle passes a stolen car, A car where the registered owner has over due warrants or is attached to an amber alert, The patrol officer will be straightaway notified.

    several of the cars passing though Hammond have drivers with warrants attached to them. This system will make it easier for the patrol officer to identify these individuals.

    Hammond also plans to deploy 33 standing LPR cameras around all entrances and exits to or from our city. These cameras will augment the six crime fighting cameras Hammond already has in position. These stationary LPR cameras will capture automobiles that enter or leave our city and add them to a database to be used as an investigatory tool to identify criminals.

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    “What we based in the Swedish grave site is not only the oldest sample of the Y. Pestis genome although the oldest version of the genome, being said Simon Rasmussen, A metagenomics researcher at the Technical or even of Denmark, Who led the process. “think of it as the root of the tree,

    The oldest documented plague pandemic, known as Justinian’s Plague, schedules to 541 AD. over 200 years, It killed more than 25 million people during the Byzantine Empire, Hitting the funding city of Constantinople especially hard.

    the major plague pandemic, the Black Death or the Great Plague, started in China in 1334 and spread along trade routes to Constantinople before reaching Europe in the 1340s. It also claimed the lives of about 25 million people, Including about half individuals of Europe, to be able to researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some towns weren’t left with enough survivors to bury the dead.

    The third major break out, called the Modern Plague, Took root in China documented in 1860s. It popped up again in Hong Kong in 1894 and spread to port cities more or less anywhere over the next 20 years, maintained by stowaway rats on steamships. It was during this pandemic that scientists discovered the bacterial source of the ailment, And that it is spread by fleas that pick it up from rats and give it to humans. Even the real key knowledge, but bear in mind, Plague still was able to cause [url=]moldova girls[/url] 10 million deaths.

    Rat associated plague can nevertheless be found in populations of ground squirrels and other small mammals in the Americas, africa and Asia. It is now under control in most urban areas internationally, And with the price of caught early enough, It is treatable with antibiotics. such as 2010 to 2015, ended up being 3,248 human cases of plague reported worldwide and 584 deaths from the sickness, according to the World Health Organization.

    rather than study, released Thursday in the journal Cell, Reveals that every thing has become between humans and plague goes back even further than scientists had realized. The bacteria identified by Rasmussen and his colleagues may represent a once unknown outbreak of plague that struck Europe as much as 5,700 in years past.

    the study already knew that the population of Europe plummeted 5,000 to actually 6,000 often, After it had grown for centuries. This sudden plunge is known as the Neolithic decline, And its cause remains to be up for debate.

    Rasmussen and his colleagues wondered whether a plague pandemic might have been responsible.

    “We were worrying, ‘Where have we seen this drop looking at?’ and that got us with the Black Plague, he explained.

    the illness was known to have existed across Eurasia at the dawn of the Bronze Age, Which began around 4,500 a long time ago, But there was no evidence of its existence sooner than that.

    To see if the plague was in Europe in the final analysis of the Neolithic period, The group turned to databases of DNA extracted from ancient human remains primarily, ancient teeth.

    Because blood circulates through the biggest market of our teeth, Rasmussen described, one might detect the DNA of pathogens that were present in a person’s bloodstream at their time of death by examining a tooth sample.

    “If you die from it it really is in your blood, he explained, “Then we can buy it,

    After scanning for genetic sequences like modern day Y. Pestis, The group eventually found a bond. It was in DNA extracted from quite of a 20 year old woman who died in western Sweden between 5,040 in addition,yet 4,867 long ago.

    “this really surprised us, Rasmussen told me. Pestis genome to 150 other plague samples that spanned countless years, Going back completely to the Bronze Age. This analysis revealed that the strain from the Swedish woman was closer to the origin of Y. Pestis than just about any, and as such is could inform scientists about the first plague ancestor from which all subsequent strains evolved, Rasmussen spoken.

    How can potentially this be? The Swedish woman lived in a small farming community, Far from center of the Neolithic world. Plague thrives in settings where large groups of people live in close quarters, Share space with creatures and stored food, And contend with poor sanitary conditions.

    None of that explains how this woman contracted the condition.

    So the researchers looked beyond genetics [url=]moldova ladies[/url] and considered the archaeological histories of human populations from the period of time.

    the actual young Swedish woman did not live in prime plague territory, There were other areas in Europe where the disease could have flourished in the Neolithic era, Rasmussen mentioned. These were the mega townships of the Trypillia Culture, Built between 6,100 and thus 5,400 years ago and located in modern day Ukraine, Romania and as well as Moldova. the biggest of these settlements was home to as many as 20,000 folk.

    Archaeologists have shown that these negotiations were abandoned and burned about once every 150 years. characteristically, Subsequent versions rebuilt right on the ashes of the previously destroyed buildings. Why the original structures were burned has never been explained.

    with all of the new findings as a guide, they propose that the plague first evolved in these mega settlements, Morphing from a rather benign stomach bug to a deadly microscopic killer around 5,700 long ago, at about the time when the Swedish strain diverged from all others then in existence. This could explain the periodic burning of the buildings perhaps they were set aflame to eradicate the condition. As the disease spread along trade routes with the continent, It would have caused the Neolithic decline.

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    the intention of the Department of Recreation, hospitality, And Parks Management is to prepare ethical and competent individuals for the leisure service industry including recreation, recreational, travel related, Event and hospitality. Students will acquire the latest methods and techniques, As well as a profound knowledge the philosophical and historical foundation, Of leisure products and services. Students will learn to be inquisitive and receptive to varying viewpoints, familiar with a broad spectrum of technology, Skilled in communications and problem solving and familiar with sustainable management. Graduates will have the ability to motivate and to help others enrich their lives through the constructive use of leisure.

    Students will develop appropriate professional capabilities and attitudes required for work in numerous settings. They learn to advise customers and to prepare, goal, financial position, And manage both leisure services and [url=]gifts for chinese woman[/url] activity and park resources. The use of technology to enhance the provision of leisure services has become a different characteristic of graduates.

    The department provides bachelor’s and master’s degrees, And minors in Recreation current administration and Tourism. prep is provided within the major for five distinct degree options. Within these choice, Students may further focus their teaching into special areas.

    General preparation and core courses cover the up coming areas: guidelines, concepts, valuations, And footings of recreation; Career possibilities opportunities and requirements; Leadership and supervision; thing and management; Human activities, Recreation for special communities, sporting resources, motivating yourself and promotion; community and finance; Applied research; And environmental surroundings. therefore, Specialized courses and practical experiences in each option prepare those majoring in the program to compete and perform efficiently in areas of special interest. The program is accredited by the national Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA). A diverse and dedicated faculty strive to ensure the best professional education for program majors, Minors, And graduate youngsters. While no university degree essentially ensures employment, Chico graduates who have tailored their programs and work experiences to market assets have done well in securing relevant career positions. It is the department’s goal to develop and look after close ties to the profession to help our students become leading candidates for jobs upon graduation. Career ventures for recreation majors and minors are broad and diverse including but not limited to public, nonprofit, very own, business, And entreprneurial adventure; Environmental education and handling, Natural resource direction, Park operations, forecasting and design; novice management positions in hotes and resorts, Such an surgical procedures, seminar services, Guest treatment, products sold, marketing, Food and bevearge experditions, luxury cruise ships, schools, And fine places to eat; special event and festival management, Meeting and discussion planning, Desination supervisory, Tourism offering; And clinical and community based amusement for persons with physical, developmental, And developemental ailments.

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