Katrina Halili Offers a ‘Different Kind of Massage’ in GMA’s ‘Spooky Valentine’

This Saturday (February 11), Katrina Halili, Paolo Contis and Antonio Aquitaña will star in GMA-7's "Spooky Valentine presents Masahista," airing after Manny Many Prizes.

When people talk about “stress relievers” these days, medications only rank second to a hard and soothing massage, which is readily available in the hundreds of spas and massage parlors marking the Metro Manila landscape. People come to these places to unwind and de-stress. But what if you’d find out that the masseuse, who’s giving you a gentle rub, is a vengeful ghost with a gloomy past?

This Saturday, Katrina Halili, Paolo Contis and Antonio Aquitaña will give a “spooky” twist to the usually relaxing massage in Spooky Valentine presents “Masahista.”

Antonio Aquintaña portrays the character of Patrick, a massage-parlor owner, who meets an accident that would render him suffering from locunar amnesia. After being discharged from the hospital, he resumes work at the massage parlor hoping that this would aid in his recovery. But just as he thinks everything in his life is falling back into place, something strange happens: a ghost of a beautiful woman frequently appears to him, seemingly wanting to reveal to him something. Ripped off his memories, Patrick couldn’t comprehend that the ghost was that of Noemi (Katrina Halili), a former masseuse who worked at his parlor. Noemi and Patrick’s womanizing brother Mike (Paolo Contis) have had an affair until one day, it took a tragic end. As Patrick recovers his memory, he begins to solve the puzzle, piece by piece.

Find out how this strange story unfolds on Spooky Valentine presents “Masahista”, this Saturday (Feb. 11), after Manny Many Prizes on GMA-7.

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