Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown Final 5 Outwit Each Other for the Title

During the pocket presscon held at GMA, the final five expressed how they feel for the near end of Survivor Philippines.

Unfortunately KC was not able to attend because of his radio show. More photos during the presscon here.

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown is now down to its final five castaways after Philippine Volcanoes Arnold Aninion gets voted off in the recently concluded tribal council last Tuesday night.

This leaves KC Montero, Stef Prescott, Mara Yokohama, Maey Bautista and Betong Sumaya as the remaining castaways aiming to outwit outlplay and outdone to become the next Celebrity Sole Survivor and bring home 3 million cash prize

Considered one of the strongest in his batch , Arnold said he believed he was a big threat to other castaways and despite being voted off, he is happy becasue hes given his all in the game. Arnold is now the 5th member of jury house, he joins Chuckie Dreyfus, Arthur Solinap, John Oduklio, and Gino dela Pena. But will Aernold be warmly welcomed by the jury members?

As their journey continues the remaining Apolaki members will again face another set of challenges that will surely test their strength and endurance.

The final five castaways KC, Stef, Mara, Betong and Maey will exert all their efforts to make or retain their alliances . Now that Arnold is out of the game, will Mara be able to survive the tension and pressure?

Dont miss how the final five castaways try to outwit, outplay and outlast Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown, airing weekdays after Legacy on GMA.

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