UNTV-Radio La Verdad 1350 Launch Hopes to Bring Glory of Radio

In the New Year’s eve of 2011, Daniel Razon launched, through his news advocacy “Tulong Muna Bago Balita” (Rescue First, Report Later), the pioneering News and Rescue Command Center.

As 2012 takes its early strides, the broadcast journalist started another media advocacy distinct from the news and rescue mission — that is, to preserve the glory of classic radio.

With “radio on TV” becoming the new trend, Kuya Daniel is launching another tack: radio sans images. UNTV-Radio La Verdad (1350 khz), Tapat at Totoo sa Serbisyo Publiko (Honest and Truthful in Public Service) will revive what radio is losing – those virtues unique only to the medium. Now on its test broadcast, UNTV Radio will officially kick off on January 16.

In an interview with Yahoo! OMG! Philippines, the UNTV-BMPI Chairman and CEO explained that he wants to bring back that virtue of traditional radio through the new radio station he is launching. Kuya Daniel, as he is fondly called, said during the radio days, people gather around their radio sets to listen to their favorite program. The images that the radio lacks are supplied by the imagination.

Razon clarified that while he advocates the preservation of the intrinsic worth of radio, making it clear that he is not against the idea of putting radio on television. In fact, he recalled that he was one of the radio broadcasters who took the first seat when teleradyo was introduced in the Philippine airwaves. What Kuya Daniel wants to achieve with his new project is to bring around the glory of radio that is gradually becoming invisible.

“Anybody can do whatever it is that is in their idea and concept. As for me, I have seen and felt that radio is losing its glory because of the spread of radio on TV where one sees announcers on booth and at the same time on the television screen. So, for me, there are things that I want to keep for radio’s own world,” Kuya Daniel said in the vernacular.

Set up with digital equipment capable to broadcast audio and video materials, the airing of UNTV-Radio will be simulcast on the web, and in special events like UNTV’s live news and rescue coverage during the 2012 New Year’s celebration, on TV. But Daniel Razon reiterated that UNTV-Radio is certainly not a teleradyo.

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