PBB Unlimited: Ex-Housemate Kim Cries ‘Unfair’?

A ceasefire transpired between Team Wayuk and Team High Voltage of “Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited” when ‘Intensity 7 PBB Wipeout,’ the program’s biggest twist this season kicked off last Saturday (Jan 7) and rendered the housemates emotional.

By the end of this week, 14 of the 20 remaining housemates will continue their journey inside the PBB house. The bulk expulsion of housemates began in the program’s fifth eviction night where Kigoy, Tol, and Luz were named as the latest evictees for receiving the lowest percentage of votes from supporters. Meanwhile, Kim was forcibly evicted due to her persistent request to exit the PBB house after Big Brother closed the voluntary exit option last week.

Kim apologized to her supporters, especially to those who believed she had a huge potential to join the program’s Big Four. Although she was accused of wasting the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of being a PBB housemate, she said living inside the house made her more outgoing and patient and overall, a better person.

She said, “Sorry to everyone who believed in me. But it’s an entirely different world inside the house; it pushes the housemates’ limits. I proved and I admit that I’m impatient and tend to give up easily.”

She said she holds no ill-feeling towards Big Brother because he only granted her wish to finally evict her. Moreover, she feels she had already proven herself and made her family proud after ten weeks of living in the house.

“I wanted to go home because I thought I was going crazy, what with all the tasks. I reached my patience threshold and I was no longer happy. The whole experience made me happy but I could no longer tolerate what was happening,” she explained.

Who among the ten remaining housemates namely Deniesse, Divine, Eting, Jerico, Joya, Naprey, Roy, Ryan, Steph, and Unad will depart the PBB house by the end of this week?

Four of them will fill the last slots in the Top 14 after Team High Voltage’s Tin, Biggel, Slater, Carlo, and Wendy and Team Wayuk’s Paco, Seiichi, Jessica, Kevin, and Pamu were saved by viewers via text, online, and card votes.

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