‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’ is the Department of Tourism’s New Slogan

"It's More Fun in the Philippines" - this is the new slogan launched by the Department of Tourism today, January 6, which became a trending topic on Twitter worldwide.

The new slogan as well as the official website of the campaign––was launched earlier today by the Department of Tourism (DOT) hoping for the full support of the Filipinos for it to stay true.

The pitch, which was conceived with the help of top advertising agency BBDO Guerrero, gives weight to the people of the Philippines and not just on its captivating tourist spots as its official website says: “It’s the Filipinos that will make your holiday unforgettable.”

“Our strategy is simple: while other countries invite you to observe, Filipinos can promise a more heartfelt and interesting experience.” Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. said on the new campaign.

Jimenez also twitted on the DOT’s (@DOTPhilippines) official Twitter account:

“We need a line that is easily understood. Competitive. More fun in the Philippines is true. Keri natin ito!”

Aside from the DOT Secretary, Filipino netizens here and abroad also discussed the new slogan on Twitter which made the hashtag #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines a trending topic on the microblogging site worldwide.

It became a viral meme that even other nationalities joined in the discussions.

English author Neil Gaiman, for example, posted on his Twitter account:

“#itsmorefuninthephilippines hashtag is a true one. They applaud loudly and hug you a lot.”

So what do you think of the DOT’s new campaign? Pasado kaya kay President Noynoy?

It can be remembered that PNoy junked the previous DOT slogan–“Pilipinas Kay Ganda”–in 2010 after it was alleged that the logo was copied from Poland‘s official travel website.

Will this new slogan suffer the same fate after a discovery that it’s nearly the exact same slogan used in a 1951 Swiss ad for tourism?

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