Melai Joins Kuya Kim in ‘Matanglawin’ on Christmas Day

Melai Cantiveros will add cheers and wackiness to the adventures of Trivia King Kuya Kim in “Matanglawin” this Christmas Day (Dec 25) as she joins the award-winning anchor in his visit to the orphans at Children’s Joy Foundation.

Melai the Christmas Elf will help Kuya Kim throw a Christmas party and a magic show at the orphanage and a famous Secret Santa is set to captivate the children during the gift giving.

Speaking of Christmas, Kuya Kim will also delve into the home decorations of other cultures, like the Chinese, during Christmastime.

But it’s not complete without Kuya Kim spending time with animals. “Princess Sam” and the Zoo on Wheels will help Kuya Kim spread holiday fun to animal lovers.

Don’t miss out on the holiday cheers on “Matanglawin” on Christmas Day (Dec 25) at 9:30 a.m. on ABS-CBN.

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