Hero TV’s Fiery, Adventure-Filled Lineup Heats Up the Cool Yuletide Season

Fantasy comes alive. Legends unfold. These are what Hero TV, the country’s most wanted anime channel, promises this Yuletide season, as it proudly presents its thrilling December lineup, featuring new and returning anime titles, exciting Theatrixx movies, newest season of “My Hero Nation” and the much-awaited “2011 Hero Year-end” special.

“Bida Ka. Dito!” goes the channel’s tagline, which encourages kids to be the heroes of their families and friends. In aim for a joyous journey this Christmas, Hero TV challenges kids of all ages to enter the realm of true power. Are your shadow warriors strong enough to protect your families and friends and ready to become ultra?

Top billing Hero TV’s thrilling lineup are “Blue Dragon Season2,” “Superior 8 Ultraman Brothers” and “Megamonster Battle Ultra Galaxy The Movie.” A feast dubbed as “Feast of Animated Theatrixx” also completes this yuletide season as it features the best-of-the-best animated movies on December 24 and 25, 12p.m. to 12a.m.

Returning titles, on the other hand include “Reborn Season 1,” “Code Geass,” “Needless,” “Eyeshield 21 Season 3,” “One Outs,” “Yugioh GX Season 2,” “Hana Yori Dango,” “Devil May Cry,” and “Lovely Idol.”

Two years after the world is freed from darkness, Shu and his friends once again go on board to fight dark forces with the sudden appearance of the most unexpected enemy. It’s now a face off battle between two of the most powerful dragon—Shu’s Blue Dragon versus the fearsome Red Dragon. Catch this exciting action on “Blue Dragon Season 2,” Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m., with replays at 5a.m. and 12p.m.

Also on “Hero Theatrixx,” two Ultraman movies are set to be shown—“Superior 8 Ultraman Brothers” on December 18 at 12:30 a.m., 12p.m. and 9:0p.m., which is the most commercially successful Ultraman movie of all time and “Megamonster Battle Ultra Galaxy The Movie” on Christmas Day, December 25 at 1a.m., 12p.m. and 9p.m., the second highest-grossing Ultraman film.

Meanwhile, this December “My Hero Nation Season 2” will feature interesting activities and events for the holidays. From performances, dubbing and gaming to cosplaying to anime fan mail reading to comics and manga style drawing, name it, this talent-filled youth-oriented show offers it all. “My Hero Nation Season 2” airs every Saturday at 12p.m. and 8p.m. with replays every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12p.m. and 8p.m.

Also, another awesome chapter is about to end. But before bidding goodbye to the current year, Hero TV reminisces on the exciting journey and thrilling adventures that viewers of the most wanted anime channel had this year. Catch the “2011 Hero Year-end Special” on December 31 at 12p.m. and 9p.m. with replays on January 1 on the same timeslots.

Hero TV (Channel 44) is available on SkyCable Gold, SkyCable Silver and other quality cable operators nationwide. For more updates, log on to

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