Somedaydream and Mobbstarr Join Forces for an Electrifying Mash-Up for Coca-Cola

Somedaydream and Mobbstar fused synth-pop and hip hop in one electrifying Coca-Cola mash-up!

Somedaydream is what I would like to tag as 2011’s breakthrough artist for gaining popularity is a short period of time. He is a synthpop artist who is known in the real world as Rez Toledo and he is a protege of Hale frontman, and now a solo artist, Champ Lui Pio.

Somedaydream released his first single, “Hey Daydreamer” earlier this year and quickly topped the charts of local radio stations as well as MYX Hit Charts, OPM MYX Countdown and MYX Daily Top 10. The same song is now being used in the Cornetto Disc TV commercial.

And as for the Coca-Cola mash-up, Somedaydream will be using his second single “Delivery Boys.”

To have an idea, watch the music video of “Delivery Boys” here:

How did Somedaydream prepare for the Coca-Cola mash-up? Check out his interviews here:

Our second artist for the Coca-Cola mash-up is the Pinoy hip hop group Mobbstarr. If their name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you’ll know them better with their former name–Dice and K9–whose Japanese song “Itsumo” became a monster hit in 2002.

Mobbstarr is composed of Dice, Chaz, Jay and Hi-C. Their first album was independently produced and was supposed to be distributed only in Cebu. But after their songs “The Scenario” and “Itsumo” became such hits nationwide, they were noticed by industry giant Warner Music and bagged a distribution deal for their second album.

In 2004, the hiphop group bagged a nomination from the MTV Asia while their single “Itsumo” stayed in the radio charts for weeks and weeks and it was even one of the most downloaded ringtones of the year. Their other single “6 In Tha Mornin,” meanwhile, won an Awit Award for Best Rap song in 2006.

Mobbstarr will be using their 2008 hit song “Eargasmic” in the Coca-Cola mash-up.

To have an idea, check out the music video for “Eargasmic” here:

Check out how Mobbstarr prepared for the Coca-Cola mash-up via their interviews here:

I think the pair up of Somedaydream and Mobbstarr is a very good idea. Although they’re from different genre, both of them exude a modern feel with their music and because of that, their songs will certainly jive together.

Check out the backstage photos of Somedaydream and Mobbstarr here.

So what are you waiting for? Why not check out for yourself and find out if Mobbstarr and Somedaydream delivered with their mash-up here:


Did you like it? It sounded like a brand new song right?

The songs “Eargasmic” and “Delivery Boys” jived very well, kudos to the the excellent arrangement done by the two artists. Although there’s still room for improvement with regards to the live performance, I think the mash-up itself should have an official single. In one word, it’s “electrifying.”

Don’t miss the charity special episode of the Coca-Cola Music Studio on MYX this Christmas Sunday, December 25, at 5:30pm to 6:00pm with replays on Tuesday from 7:30pm to 8:00pm. You can also check out the previous mash-ups here:

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