iPad 3 Rumors Slow Down Sales of Current iPad

iPad 3 rumors are now circulating in cyberspace that Apple is getting anxious that it might affect that sales of its iPad 2

The rumor about the alleged release of iPad 3 originated from the technology website “Digitimes” on Monday is threatening the holiday sales of the tech giant.

A similar incident that happened before could also happen now. Fortune Magazine’s Philip Elmer-Dewitt pointed out that what happened to the sales of iPhone 4 last summer could happen to iPad2 this holiday season. When rumors about the release of iPhone 5 peaked last July, sales of iPhone 4 took the downward spiral since customers waited for the fresh version of the gadget.

The same thing could happen to the iPad 2 this holiday season since rumors about the release of iPad 3 on the first to second quarter of 2012 are now circulating the net.

According to the Digitimes report, the iPad 3 is expected to be a major upgrade over previous models, with twice as much screen resolution, a faster processor, and an updated version of the sensational Siri.

Here is a concept video on the rumored iPad 3:

According to speculations, some interesting characteristics of the upcoming new version of the iPad will be “transparent” and “rimless.”

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