Pepito Manaloto and Clarissa Go Caroling!

Christmas season is just around the corner. And since it is the time for merrymaking, Clarissa (Angel Satsumi) will ask her father, Pepito (Michael V.), to go with her and carol around the subdivision. It also serves as their dad and daughter bonding.

Meanwhile, Maria’s (Janna Dominguez) mom and two brothers will visit Manila to get to know their prospective in-law, Patrick (John Feir). But on the first meeting, they will get an impression that Patrick is not right guy for Maria.

How will Patrick prove them that he is not what they think of him? Will Patrick’s love for Maria conquer this obstacle? And what will Baby (Mosang) feel if Maria leaves her when she decided to move away with Patrick?

Feel the season of Christmas and find out the most breathtaking answers on Golden Screen Awards’ Best Comedy Show Pepito Manaloto this Sunday after 24 Oras Weekend on GMA.

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