A Runner’s Haven Opens: Riovana at Bonifacio Global City and Katipunan

A different high was experienced by each and every visitor of the newly opened concept store Riovana, the brainchild of Rio dela Cruz, more popularly known as Coach Rio, a prominent figure in the running industry.

Wanting to give professional runners and enthusiasts a heightened experience before, during and after each race, Coach Rio came up with the idea of combining a retail store that becomes a one-stop shop for all running gears, apparels and shoes with facilities that can allow members to hang out in the lounge area, register for marathons and even freshen up before and after each race through its available locker and shower rooms.

Indeed, the store lives up to the inspiration of its namesake: a combination of the founder’s name, which is synonymous to the most popular icon in the running industry (Rio) and nir(VANA), which connotes enlightenment and freedom. Its tagline: the sole of running, makes use of the play of words connoting that Riovana is the heart and soul of running as a sport.

This is part of Coach Rio’s vision to be able to help each and every runner achieve his/her own running nirvana, preparing each and every runner’s body and soul. By providing them with the right information, gears, apparels and shoes, together with the right facilities for training and post relaxation, Riovana then becomes a sanctuary for those who wish to go beyond their limitations and experience a different kind of running high.

Riovana carries a wide array of running footwear, accessories and apparel for all levels. Popular brands such as Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Mizuno, Oakley, Rudy Project, Zoot, Garmin, Timex (and soon Nike) are just some under Riovana’s wings. Other products like Energy Gels and Power Bar are also being sold to ensure a complete blissful running experience.
Another highlight of this concept store, apart from its modern, quirky look inspired by the various scenes normally encountered by road runners, is its innovative 3-camera set up for Gait Analysis, a method of checking the movement and posture of an individual in order to find the right pair of shoes for him/her. This is a free service that helps determine, based on one’s foot type, fitness level and reasons for buying, which type of running shoes can work best.
Capping off this wonderful Riovana experience is the Sole Healing: a massage/recovery center for runners. With several sports doctors, orthopedic surgeons and therapists, it offers various types of treatments to help manage sports injuries, ease sore muscles, relax the runners and give them a most memorable post-running experience.

Take a journey now inside this unique concept store that promises a blissful escape for all runners. Visit Riovana at the following addresses: Ground Floor Active Fun Building 9th Avenue Corner 28th Street Bonifacio Global City near Honda BGC and at the 3rd Floor of the Regis Center Building, Loyola Heights Quezon City in front of Ateneo de Manila University.
For more information, please visit Riovana’s website at Check out Riovana’s fan page:

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