Miss Earth 2011 – Starmometer’s Top 16 Picks

Miss Earth 2011, the 11th edition of the prestigious international pageant, is happening tonight (December 3) at the University of the Philippines Theater in Diliman, Quezon City. Check out our Top 16 picks!

This year’s batch is definitely strong with so many shoo-ins from Latin America and Europe! However, unlike in other international pageants, the front-runners in Miss Earth is difficult to predict because the pageant gives weight to the candidates’ platform for the environment. But if we are to base on beauty alone, then Mexico, Sweden and Ukraine are on top of our list! So expect the unexpected tonight.

Take note that last year, Starmometer has accurately predicted that Nicole Faria from India will win the crown. I’m not sure about this year’s list though. Nevertheless, here are my Top 16:

1. Mexico, Casandra Becerra

2. Sweden, Renate Cerljen

3. Ukraine, Kristina Oparina

4. Venezuela, Caroline Medina

5. Czech Republic, Šárka Cojocarová

6. Taiwan, Cherry Liu

7. Italy, Angelica Parisi

8. Puerto Rico, Agnes Benítez

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