Janelle Manahan Refutes Ramona Bautista’s Allegations

Janelle Manahan is no longer writing on paper what she wants to say because she can now speak and testify.

Janelle, together with her lawyers, are now preparing the affidavit on the Ram Revilla murder case. This was a day after being discharged from the hospital.

In an interview by ABS-CBN News and Public Affairs, Manahan’s lawyer Atty. Luke Espiritu said his client is ready to refute the allegations of Ramona Bautista, Ram’s sister one of the suspected masterminds for the crime.

“Limitado lamang ang ating gagawin na statement kay Janelle doon sa pag-refute sa mga alegasyon ni Ramona Bautista tungkol doon sa pangyayari,” Espiritu said.

Ramona claims she was in Ram’s bedroom hiding during the crime but Janelle slams this allegation by saying that they were together when the attack was taking place.

Another point that strengthens the case against Ram’s brother RJ and sister Ramona was the confirmation of Janelle that there was indeed a sibling rivalry between them and Ram. Ramona earlier claims they had no conflicts whatsoever.

“There is animosity among the siblings, which could explain the motive behind the crime,” said Espiritu.

Manahan is set to submit her application for the Witness Protection Program this Thursday. She is also request the cancellation of Ramona’s passport in order for the latter to face the case and return to the country.

Photo Credit: Janelle Manahan’s Facebook Page

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