Poll: PHL’s Hottest 20 Stars Under 20 for 2011

Who are the Philippines’ Hottest 20 stars under 20 years old? You will decide!

We made the shortlist and you, our dear readers, will make the rankings.

The nominees will vie for your votes via Starmometer’s Facebook Page ( This will ensure 100% transparency and accuracy as each respondent’s vote(s) is recorded and his/her identity is seen by other respondents. This process will virtually eliminate any doubts and suspicion on cheating, thereby making the results more reliable and accurate reflecting the unified choice of the majority.


1. Go to Starmometer’s Facebook Album (you must be signed on at Facebook).

2. Like the photo of the young star that you want to vote for. You can like more than one celebrity, there’s no limit!

3. The ranking of the 20 Hottest Young Stars will be based on the number of likes they will receive from the readers.

4. Voting is until 11:59PM of December 18, 2011. The Top 20 will be announced December 19.

5. Vote now!


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