Dingdong Detained in Las Vegas?

There's a blind item in Paparazzi last Sunday pertaining to a top Kapuso actor who was jailed in Las Vegas.

The blind item originated from Arnold Clavio saying an actress was jailed in Las Vegas during the Pacquiao and Marquez bout earlier this month for shoplifting.

Ruffa Gutierrez, who was in Las Vegas that time together with her mom Annabelle Rama, denied the speculations on TV5’s showbiz talk show Paparazzi that she is the subject of the blind item.

Zoren Legaspi, tagged as the new “Boy Laglag” of the program since Mo Twister (the original “Boy Laglag”) is leaving the country, made some revelations that it was not an actress who was jailed in Vegas but a Kapuso actor and it’s not for shoplifting but for a little misunderstanding with some marshals.

Apparently, the Kapuso actor was with his girlfriend at a Las Vegas club when the former decided to go out for a while but he reportedly forgot to get stamped so that he could get in the premise again. When the said actor was stopped by the staff when he was about to get back in, he had a heated argument with them that prompted the staff to call the cops. And rumor has it, the actor spent some time in jail.

Zoren dropped the name Dingdong Dantes after the blind item.

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