Karen Davila Champions Crusade for Coconut Farmers

Award-winning broadcast journalist Karen Davila will expose the plight of coconut farmers in the Philippines tonight (Nov 24) in “Krusada” amidst President Aquino’s strong promotion of local coconut products’ potential in the international market.

Karen will visit a coconut plantation in Lopez, Quezon to look into the lives of coconut farmers who earn so little after months of hard work and waiting for harvest.

Coconut product exports reportedly generate $1 billion dollars for the country every year, but unknown to many, coconut farmers in the Philippines do not benefit from their yield.

Because it takes more than words to make a stand, listen, take part and be one with Karen’s crusade tonight (Nov 24) in “Krusada,” after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN, or catch it earlier at 9:15 PM on DZMM TeleRadyo (SkyCable channel 26).

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