The Road – Character Descriptions

Get to know more about the characters of Yam Laranas' latest horror masterpiece.

TJ Trinidad as Luis – a provincial cop tasked to investigate the case of three teenagers, two of which died in a desolate road, one is still missing.

Gerald Madrid as Allan – Luis’ assistant police investigator who helps him bring resolution to a recent case they are investigating about a missing teenager.

John Regala as Edwin – Chief of Police who somehow does not approve of the way Luis conducts his police business.

Jaclyn Jose as Susan – mother of two missing daughter a decade ago who presently asks Luis for his help.


Barbie Forteza as Ella – a sweet 15-year old teenager who sneaks out one night with her best friend to learn how to drive, never expecting for their joyride to turn ghastly as they end up trapped in a desolate road

Lexi Fernandez as Janine – Ella’s best friend who pressures her to sneak with her mother’s car so they can both learn how to drive. Her relationships with both her best friend and boyfriend are tested as horrifying things unfold before her eyes.

Derrick Monasterio as Brian – Janine’s gregarious boyfriend who has a love and hate relationships with both Janine and Ella. It was his idea to sneak out using Janine’s family’s car, bragging he will teach the two girls how to drive, never knowing the horrors that await them.

Lloyd Samartino as Angelo – Ella’s father whom she calls for help amidst the haunting on the road where the teenagers were trapped.


Rhian Ramos as Lara – a kind and loving sister who is abducted one day in the same road. Lara never saw her abductor and torturer and she plans to escape her being in captive before she becomes a casualty.

Louise Delos Reyes as Joy – Lara’s younger sister, a very impressionable girl who idolizes Lara very much. Abducted and imprisoned in another cell as with Lara, she hopes to escape and reunite with her family.

Alden Richards as Abet – a 17-year old teenager with a mysterious past.


Renz Valerio as Abet – a homeschooled 10-year old boy who is not allowed by his mother to get out of the house all his life. When his father tells him one day that her mother left them, he was surprised to see the woman still in the house, watching his every move, haunting him till the very end.

Carmina Villaroel as Carmela – an imposing woman, a domineering wife and mother who isolates her son from the rest of the world. She becomes such a strong figure in her own household that Abet has to deal with her psychological state.

Marvin Agustin as Alberto – a pastor, Abet’s doting father and a submissive husband emotionally and verbally battered by his wife. When his son claims the woman never left them, Alberto is forced to examine whether his son is being haunted or is just imagining things.

Ynna Asistio as Martha – a 16-year old neighbor who tries to befriend the boy Abet much to the disapproval of Carmela.

Showing on November 30, 2011, “The Road” has been rated R-13 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

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