Celebrate An Early Christmas on The 700 Club Asia’s ‘Bigay Todong Biyaya’

Get inspired on the early Christmas TV special “Bigay Todong Biyaya” on GMA News TV beginning November 14.

Christmas is almost here! Many of us have already started shopping, wrapping gifts, and planning get-togethers.
Holidays are made brighter whenever we receive presents that touch our hearts and make us feel special. But this year, instead of getting gifts, why not try giving and sharing? This is the perfect time to celebrate the reason for the season with those who need some Christmas cheer.

On The 700 Club Asia, we’ve got stories of givers whose generosity were blessed in return—more than they could imagine! And we will show how you, like them, can make the best offering and live out the true Christmas spirit.

Like clothing brand Tomato, whose owner Jon Dionisio, is a partner of CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm Operation Blessing (OB) Philippines. Giving to OB led Dionisio to experience an outpouring of blessings as well. His daughter Soleigh, who had been suffering from renal reflux, got healed and totally recovered from her illness. And the blessings didn’t stop there. From nine branches, Tomato expanded and was able to put up 17 branches before the previous year ended.

Catch more inspiring testimonies on the early Christmas TV special “Bigay Todong Biyaya,” live from The 700 Club Asia on November 14 to 18, Monday to Friday, 11 p.m. on GMA News TV. You can also watch this live TV event via webcast on

Let’s give and celebrate a truly blessed Christmas!

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