Sarah Lahbati Transforms into a Lead Star in Ruben Marcelino’s ‘Kokak’ on GMA-7

A discovery of GMA-7's reality artista search, Starstruck, Sarah Lahbati transforms into a lead star in the TV adaptation of Ruben Marcelino's comic series, "Kokak". (Check out 29 photos!)

Beginning November 14, Sarah’s beauty graces GMA-7’s Afternoon Prime block in her first starring role as Kara, a woman who becomes a frog when her feet get wet at night and goes back to being human when morning comes.

Despite such curse, Kara captivates two men portrayed by princely Kapuso actors, TJ Trinidad and JC Tiuseco. Carl (TJ) is the first male that Kara sees and falls in love with while Roco (JC) is a small-time crook who later becomes a martyr for the young woman’s love.

The story of “Kokak” begins with the love of Kara’s parents, Renato (Gary Estrada) and Angela (Jessa Zaragoza). Although they are about to have their baby, Renato’s ex-girlfriend, Vicky (Angelika Dela Cruz), cannot accept that she has lost the man she loves to someone else. Thus, she commits suicide.

Veronica (Deborah Sun) and Carlito, Vicky’s mother and brother, are devastated by her unexpected death. Thus, when she discovers the reason behind Vicky’s suicide, Veronica decides to avenge her daughter. Coming from a family of witches, Veronica curses Renato and makes him lose his sanity. She also uses a hex on the pregnant Angela and leaves her in a pond full of frogs.

After the incident, Angela has not seen Renato again and she thinks that he has purposely left her. With her Tya Berta (Ms. Caridad Sanchez), she decides to continue her pregnancy and raise her child all by herself.

Soon, Angela gives birth to a beautiful baby girl and names her Kara. The baby seems normal until Angela bathes her and realizes that Veronica’s curse transforms her into a frog! When the whole town hears about Angela’s monstrous baby, she and Tya Berta leave to reside in the middle of a secluded forest. There, Kara’s secret is hidden and safe from judgmental people.

Kara grows up not seeing any other people than her mom and Tya Berta. She is also unaware that there are male human beings. Angela forbids Kara to leave the forest and tells her that there are dangerous monsters outside.

Although contented with her mom’s love, Kara feels that there is more to the world than just the forest. One day, she decides to defy her mother’s instructions, goes to the border of the forest and finds Carl, the first man she has ever seen. Despite her fears, Kara approaches Carl to help him because he is badly wounded. Meanwhile, Carl perceives Kara as a beautiful forest goddess who helps him.

After helping Carl, Kara returns home happily because of her discovery. She has fallen in love with the wounded man and she hopes to see him again. However, when Kara goes back to the edge of the forest, some townsmen see her and lust over her. They chase Kara until her feet get wet and she transforms into a frog.

Soon, the townsmen discover Kara’s house in the middle of the forest and set it on fire. She, her mom and Tya Berta try to flee but they get separated in the process. Kara then accidentally rides a bus and goes to Manila for the first time. There, she meets the siblings Roco and Rafa (Frencheska Farr) and becomes friends with them.

Will Kara survive now that she is out in the world for the first time? Will she be reunited with her mother? What if fate surprisingly brings Carl and Kara’s path’s together? Will Carl still accept her if he discovers that she is the daughter of the man who hurt his dear sister, Vicky?

Join Kara as she fights her curse and the conflicts brought about by her parents’ past and unveil an unusual beauty that springs from a brave heart.

“Kokak” also stars Vaness Del Moral as Elizabeth, Carl’s girlfriend, and Ervic Vijandre as Borge, Carl’s best friend.

The creative team of “Kokak” consists of Creative Director Jun Lana, Afternoon Prime Head Roy Iglesias, Creative Consultant Des Garbes-Severino, Headwriter Dode Cruz, writers Mitchicko Yamamoto, Ronalyn Sales, Luningning Ribay and brainstormers Gilda Olvidado, Denoy Navarro-Punio and Obet Villela. Production is supervised by: GMA VP for Drama, Lilybeth G. Rasonable; AVP for Drama, Redgie Acuña-Magno; and Program Manager Helen Rose S. Sese with Executive Producer Joy Lumboy.

Directed by Ricky Davao, Ruben Marcelino’s “Kokak” begins airing on November 14 after Eat Bulaga on GMA-7’s Afternoon Prime.Ito ang Drama.

“Kokak” can also be seen in the US and Canada, Middle East and Asia Pacific starting November 16 on GMA Pinoy TV.


Photos provided by GMA-7 to Starmometer

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