It All Ends Here: TERRORVILLE Concludes with a Full-Length Telemovie

Since October 13th 2011, more than 15,000 brave Filipinos have responded to exclusive invitations and ventured into the Terrorville Mansion.

Terrorville is an interactive web thriller where YOU, as the viewer, get to decide the next move of the lead characters. The slightest blunder will elicit the highest price – one’s life. Uncover secrets within the story with interactive features like “unlockable assets” and “mini puzzle” which shed light on the mystery.

Play as Tom, the detective, to scrutinize the murder scenes and piece together vital clues.

Tom’s Trailer

Or seek the thrill of dealing with supernatural entities as


Mary’s Trailer

The fates of Mary and Tom are revealed in a conclusive, bone-chilling 66-minute full-length horror movie. Who is the mastermind behind all the cold-blooded murders? What exactly happened in the once peaceful mansion? Find out the answers to these questions by purchasing your movie ticket at ONLY US$0.99 instead of US$3.99. Grab them now at

Click HERE to embark on this thriller. Visit their facebook page for more exclusive info.

Proudly brought to you by Oak3 Films & Xtreme Productions.

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